Vehicle Testing and


Vehicle handling testing:

  • Tread separation event tests
  • Roll propensity tests
  • Steering robot available for testing where high precision steering is required

To see a list of vehicles that we've tested, click here.

To inquire about performing a test, contact us here.

Rollover testing:

  • Recent tests include automated steer-tripped rollover tests of six vehicles

To view footage of rollover tests, click here.

Technical publications:

To view a list of our technical publications, click here.

Safety Engineering & Forensic Analysis, Inc.
(SEFA, Inc.)

SEFA, Inc.

Automotive Collision


Accident reconstruction services offered in the following areas:

  • Single-vehicle rollover accidents
  • Single- and multi-vehicle collisions
  • Collision velocity change and crush energy analysis
  • Accident vehicle inspection and documentation
  • Crash site inspection and 3D roadway mapping
  • Evidence preservation
  • Evidence reconstruction using Photogrammetry
  • 3D modeling of accident vehicles including collision damage and roof crush
  • Certified download and analysis of airbag control module data
  • Computer simulation of vehicle handling and collision events.

Offering vehicle dynamics expertise in:

  • Tire failures, with an emphasis on tread separations
  • Yaw stability, with an emphasis on tire failures and ESC
  • Roll stability and ESC